Oxford on iTunes U
Oxford on iTunes U

The University of Oxford in Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U)

Oxford’s Apple Podcasts site (formerly iTunes U) launched in September 2008, featuring audio and video podcasts from across the University. It has been a great success – more than 28 million downloads so far, and currently reaching a worldwide audience of 185 countries.

We now have more than 5,360 hours of material online bringing Oxford thinking to a broad global audience, whilst giving our current students, staff and alumni any-time access to browse a unique resource collection.

The activity is drawn from across the Divisions e.g. English Faculty (270+ podcasts), Martin School (150+), Politics and International Studies (390+), Centre for the Environment (250+) and Philosophy (400+).

These materials are online, free and publicly available. New materials are added by IT Services everyday. Oxford is one of the largest of the contributors of materials to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U) with over 5,360 hours of materials online. All material available in Oxford in Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U) is also available in a parallel web site – http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk

  • 28+ million downloads from Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U)
  • 7,310 podcast items processed and online
  • 6,222 academic speakers and contributors
  • 535 departmental series
  • Downloads from 185 countries
  • 50% of our material has a Creative Commons licence for educational reuse
  • In 2015 we published over 1,002 items of audio and 546 items of video

Some of our most popular series are:

Shakespeare's entire First Folio, including original spelling, is being made available to download for free, as Oxford University becomes one of the world’s first universities to add ePubs to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U):

If you have iTunes on your computer already click here to visit Oxford's site

What if I do not have iTunes on my computer?

If you do not want to install iTunes or are not running Windows or Mac OS you can also access all of our podcasts through any web browser through our podcasts.ox.ac.uk site.

FAQs about Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U)

Oxford on iTunes U has moved to join Apple Podcasts

In September 2017, Apple relocated their iTunes U listings to fall within the general podcasts area of their iTunes software.  This means their iTunes U area will no longer be a separate tab in the iTunes software and easier for the general public and students to find within iTunes.

The Oxford on iTunes U material is still arranged in the same way and all existing content can be found using the same links and searches. All the content is still grouped and available under an "Oxford University" in the Education section. All existing subscribers to series will still be able to receive new material. 

This change will allow the material to be more easily viewed in mobile platforms such as the iPhone and AppleTV. Users can access your series collections using the Apple Podcasts app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and using iTunes on a Mac and PC.

Further details on publishing at Oxford here.

What is "Oxford on Apple Podcasts"?

The iTunes Store is Apple's online digital media store where music and films can be downloaded using the iTunes software. iTunes U was an area within the Store where an educational institution can provide its own collection of audio and visual material (such as lectures, talks and interviews). Unlike the music and films, this material can be downloaded free of charge. The University launched its own site on iTunes U in October 2008. Download iTunes here

Is it really free to access this material?

Yes. It is completely free of charge to the public.

Do I need any special equipment to listen to/view your podcasts?

No. All the podcasts can be downloaded to a computer and listened to or watched. You can also move these to a range of mobile devices capable of playing such files, e.g. mp3 players, iPods, and mobile phones. For more information on iTunes please see http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/

If I cannot install iTunes on my computer, is there another way of accessing these resources?

Yes - we have a web version of the same material at http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk. The web version only requires a normal web browser on your PC, Mac or Linux system. This web version is ideal for situations where you cannot install the free iTunes software.

Why is the University of Oxford participating in Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U)?

The University of Oxford is keen to reach out to a global audience with its vast wealth of audio and video material. Our site features lectures and interviews with world-leading thinkers, news related material, and a video promoting our major fundraising Campaign.

It also features podcasts about the application process, including selecting a course of study, choosing a college, and attending interviews.

Should I look at Oxford's site in Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U) now instead of its website for information?

The University of Oxford’s website will remain the authoritative focal point for online information, including text and photos, as well as audio and video material, about the University.

However, the huge diversity of the University – with its many colleges, departments, faculties, and schools – means that it can be difficult for people to find all the audio and video material they are looking for. Our site on Apple Podcasts will enable the public to navigate such material easily and quickly.

How can I find out which other universities are featured on Apple Podcasts?

Please visit the Universities and Colleges index. (Note: you will need to have iTunes installed on your computer to see this information)

What should I do if I wish to use one of your audio or video podcasts in a public arena?

The creator of each podcast owns the copyright and it is up to them whether they allow third party use. Please contact [email protected] with any request to use a podcast in a public arena.

What do I do if I wish to create/submit a podcast?

If you would like to create an audio or video podcast please see our advice page.

If you would like to submit an audio or video podcast which has already been produced, please contact [email protected]

Please note that audio material needs to be in an mp3 format and video in an mp4 format (h.264 encoding).

Please ensure that you have sought the permission of everyone featured in the recording, including any audience members who can be clearly identified - during a Q&A session for example. The best means of doing this is to inform the audience that the event is being recorded, and anyone wishing not to be included should indicate this at the start.

If anyone under the age of 18 is identifiable in your recording you will need their parents' or guardians' permission to publish the recording. If you cannot secure this permission the footage concerned will need to be removed.

We reserve the right not to publish material that we deem inappropriate, in breach of copyright, or defamatory. 

It would be very helpful if you could also provide a high quality photo that reflects the content of your podcast, so that an ‘album cover’ can be made. The more appealing the image and the title of the podcast, the more likely people are to download it. Please remember that you need the permission of the owner of the photograph, and if you are commissioning your own photography it is good practice to complete a consent form.

What should I do if I wish to complain about a podcast?

If you are concerned about any of our podcasts please contact [email protected] making clear the basis of your concern and which podcast you are concerned about.

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