What will happen in US politics in 2024?

Dr Frank Luntz (pollster and political consultant)
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Rothermere American Institute
1a South Parks Road
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Main seminar room (lower ground floor)

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Lectures and seminars
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A lecture and discussion featuring Frank Luntz, described by both Republicans and Democrats as 'America’s smartest pollster', best known for his research on the impact of language on politics.

Frank shares the latest polling and analysis to explain the nature of partisan polarisation and the strategies candidates are deploying. Can the Republican Party escape Trump and what might a post-Trump GOP look like? How can Democrats navigate ‘culture war’ issues? For Republicans, is a ‘war on woke’ a winning strategy, and if so why, how and for whom? All these questions and more will be addressed by one of the most astute, and certainly one of the best-evidenced, observers of American politics.

In a career spanning almost four decades, Frank Luntz has become 'the world’s most influential person in politics' according the New York Post, and he remains one of the most honored communication professionals in America today. 

Frank is a three-time New York Times best-selling author, a sought-after political, business and media consultant, a professor at almost a dozen universities across the globe, and a regular commentator on just about every media outlet people watch today. For more than a decade, Frank was the 'Focus Group Czar' for Fox News and he served for five years as a news analyst for CBS News, focusing on corporate and business communications before moving to ABC News in 2017. He has written, supervised, and conducted more than 2,500 surveys, focus groups, ad tests, and dial sessions for more than 50 Fortune 500 companies and CEOs in more than two dozen countries and six continents over the past 30 years.