The Spiders of Hawaii and other Remote Islands

Professor Rosemary Gillespie
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19:00 - 20:00
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Parks Road
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Lectures and seminars
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Remote islands such as Hawaii often give rise to unique and novel species and spiders are amongst the most diverse. Hear from Professor Rosemary Gillespie how they travel, some of the unique features they have evolved, and what the future holds.

Professor Rosemary Gillespie discusses spiders and the attributes that make them successful in colonizing remote islands with particular reference to the spiders of the Hawaiian Islands, and other islands of Polynesia, and the history of entomological and arachnological research there. Rosemary's work has been aimed at understanding spider biodiversity in the islands, including:

  • How the few successful lineages managed to disperse across the vast expanses of ocean 
  • Subsequent episodes of adaptive radiation that include unique and spectacular attributes
  • Current issues of invasion and habitat loss that affect much of the biota
  • What the future holds