Scholars' Library: Jennifer Robinson on 'How Many More Women?'

Jennifer Robinson, Maisy Bentley
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17:30 - 18:30
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For our February Scholars’ Library session, Jennifer Robinson (Australia-at-Large and Balliol 2006) will discuss her book Silenced Women: Why The Law Fails Women and How to Fight Back, previously published as How Many More Women? In conversation with Scholar in Residence Maisy Bentley (New Zealand and Balliol 2023), amongst other topics, Jennifer will talk about censorship against women, the #MeToo movement, and how we might begin to understand the problems of gender-based violence in our society.

In Silenced Women: Why The Law Fails Women and How to Fight Back internationally-acclaimed human rights lawyers, Jennifer Robinson and Keina Yoshida, examine the broken systems and explore the changes needed in order to ensure that women's freedom, including their freedom of speech, is no longer threatened by the laws that are supposed to protect them.