Pre-Roman coinage of the Iceni

Dr John Talbot, Celtic coin index, University of Oxford.
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14:00 - 15:00
Ashmolean Museum (in-person and online)
Beaumont Street
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Headley Lecture Theatre

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Gallery tours / talks
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Discover the captivating world of the Iceni, a pre-Roman community that inhabited present-day East Anglia.

Join Dr Talbot in this talk to focus on the development of the Iceni's coins. 

Learn how the earliest coins were often very local and issued in small volumes, and their imagery was very beautiful and complex.

As a monetary society developed in East Anglia, the coins changed and standardisation became of increasing importance.  Explore the imagery on these early coins and discover how this developed over its 100 years or so of production.

The Iceni coins are featured in a recently-added special display in the Money Gallery, entitled 'From Julius Caesar to Boadicea: A Century of Icenian Coins.'

This event will take place both online and in person at the museum.

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