Peter Sarris (University of Cambridge) ‘Justinian Between East and West’

Peter Sarris (University of Cambridge)
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17:00 - 18:00
Trinity College
Broad Street
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Levine Building Auditorium

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Lectures and seminars
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After Rome and Further East Seminar
Thursdays, 5 pm, Trinity College
Convened by Fanny Bessard (History/ Trinity) and Christian Sahner (AMES/ New College)
Supported by the Bahari Fund for Sasanian Studies

MS Teams meeting link here (no registration required)
Week 1, April 25
Garth Fowden (University of Cambridge)
‘Orienting the Global First Millennium: Iranosphere Perspectives’
Levine Building Auditorium
Special lecture supported by the Bahari Fund for Sasanian Studies, the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, and the Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity
Week 2, May 2
Andrew Marsham (University of Cambridge)
‘Re-Framing the Umayyad Empire: Pastoralists, Plague, and Peripheries’
Teaching Room 5
Week 3, May 9 Julia Bray (University of Oxford) ‘Medieval Arabic Literature: What Do You Know, and What Can You Do with It?’ Teaching Room 5
Week 4, May 16
Hannah-Lena Hagemann (University of Hamburg)
‘“Behold! Quraysh is praying behind Bakr!” Kharijite Rebellion and Bakri Tribalism from al-Jazira to Iran 7th-9th c.’
Teaching Room 5
Week 5, May 23
Alebachew Belay (Debre Berhan University)
‘Connected “Pagans” from Medieval Ethiopia: Monumental and Artifactual Evidence’
Teaching Room 5
Week 6, May 30
Louise Rayne (Newcastle University)
‘Detecting Irrigation and Desertification in the Middle East and North Africa Since the Medieval Period’
Teaching Room 5
Week 7, June 6
Dan Reynolds (University of Birmingham)
‘Charlemagne’s Jerusalem: Rhetoric, Exegesis and the Ninth-Century “Holy Land”’
Teaching Room 5
Week 8, June 13
Peter Sarris (University of Cambridge)
‘Justinian Between East and West’
Levine Building Auditorium
OCBR Annual Lecture for 2024; supported by the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research