The pathway to delivering fusion power

Professor Ian Chapman, CEO, UK Atomic Energy Authority
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17:00 - 18:15
Oxford Martin School
Old Indian Institute
34 Broad Street
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Lectures and seminars
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Fusion offers the potential to provide continuous, safe and low-carbon power.

However, there remain technical challenges to overcome to realise fusion as well as various other enabling measures which will be needed to make fusion a reality as soon as possible.

In this talk, Professor Ian Chapman, CEO of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, will begin by explaining the UK government strategy to delivering fusion and setting this in the context of other major fusion programmes internationally. It will then describe the major technical challenges required to deliver a magnetic fusion powerplant and give a brief overview of some of the key deliverables and discoveries that will be required on that pathway. An overview of recent major discoveries in the field will be presented together with a future outlook for the pathway to delivering fusion power.