Meet the Maps: unconventional views of Oxford

Nick Millea, Stuart Ackland
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17:00 - 18:00
Bodleian Libraries - Online Event
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Lectures and seminars
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This webinar will focus on four very different maps of Oxford from the standpoint of why these maps were made.

Each of the maps has its own tale to tell, some showing Oxford as it was; others showing Oxford as it might have been; and others how Oxford never was.

Each has an agenda aiming to depict a city under the influence of the military, mass delinquency, motor vehicles or moles. Nick Millea, Map Curator, and Stuart Ackland, Principal Library Assistant, Map Room, will focus on each map’s aesthetic charms, their functionality, and how they have visualised such a well-known city in such unusual ways.

Join us to be surprised, alarmed and charmed in equal measure as we appreciate the purpose of these of maps but never lose sight of the powerful image they are able to convey.