Lorises in Human Landscapes: Ecology, Threats and Conservation

Dr Marco Camperas
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19:00 - 20:00
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Parks Road
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Lectures and seminars
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Can your daily cup of coffee be wildlife-friendly? Coffee farms in Indonesia are a major habitat for slow lorises. Hear all about the threats, diet, home ranges and behaviour of Slow Lorises and how working with farmers feeds into conservation.

Dr Marco Camperas is a Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity and Conservation from the Department of Biological and Medical Science, Oxford Brookes University. After extensive research on the behavioural ecology of lemurs, he has more recently been working in Indonesia in collaboration with Prof Anna Nekaris and the Little Fireface Project. Marco has been a research fellow for 3.5 years working on a project to develop a wildlife-friendly coffee growing and training programme with about 400 small-holder farmers from two cooperatives. These farms represent a major habitat for slow lorises. In the talk, he will present recent findings from his research group on the threats, diet, home ranges, terrestriality, and current conservation actions associated with slow loris populations and other Lorisidae living in anthropogenic habitats.

Entry to this event is £3 (payable at the door) or free for members of the Oxfordshire Mammal Group. Drop-in, no booking required.