Life and Death in the Early Iron Age

Dr Jennifer Foster, Dept. of Archaeology, Reading & Dept. of Continuing Education, Oxford.
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14:00 - 15:00
Ashmolean Museum (in-person and online)
Beaumont Street
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Headley Lecture Theatre

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Gallery tours / talks
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Halstatt in the Alps in Austria was the location of an important early Iron Age cemetery (800-600BC). This archaeological site and the salt mine next to it have been excavated from the 1860s onwards.

Some of the finds from the Halstatt cemetery were donated by John Evans to the Ashmolean and are being studied at present.

These finds give us a good idea of life and death in the early Iron Age, from ornaments and weapons, to food that was eaten, and gender differences in society.

The event will take place online and in-person at the Ashmolean.

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