Impacts of Redefining the Atlantic Triangle - The World Reimagined and the Rhodes Trust

Kehinde Andrews, Onyekachi Wambu, Councillor Asher Craig, Muloongo Muchelemba
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16:30 - 19:00
Rhodes House
South Parks Road
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Gallery tours / talks
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The World Reimagined was formed out of the desire to discuss challenging parts of our history, in order to determine and shape how we forge ahead with establishing a fair and equitable present and future.

In that spirit, The World Reimagined has joined forces with the Rhodes Trust to host the first of a new annual discussion series that will greatly contribute to our knowledge of the global significance of the African continent.

For centuries, the relationship between Africa, Europe and The Americas has been defined by the legacy of the Transatlantic trade in Enslaved Africans. The redistribution of wealth, the possession of valuable artefacts and the retelling of history has greatly favoured countries of Europe. Now, with Barbados fully leaving their ‘colonial past behind,’ by becoming a republic, and countries such as Niger and Mali pushing back against French control, our panel will be discussing the turbulent history that has defined relationships within the Atlantic Triangle, and determining what must be done to transform a Triangle associated with pain, into one associated with progress.