How fair is your water footprint?

Dr Nick Hepworth
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17:30 - 18:30
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Parks Road
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Lectures and seminars
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Join Dr Nick Hepworth, Director of Water Witness International, to find out why half the UK's global water footprint is unsustainable, how our water use pushes the Global South into climate vulnerability, and how we can create a fairer water future for all.

Seventy percent of the UK’s water needs are met overseas via the water used to produce the food, clothing, and goods we consume each day. New research by Water Witness International suggests that half of this global water footprint is unsustainable – polluting rivers and draining aquifers, and pushing people, ecosystem and economies into extreme vulnerability.

Dr Hepworth will share insights from investigations into the UK’s profound dependency on irresponsible water use across the Global South, and set out the steps that government, corporations and individuals must take to ensure a fair water footprint, and a more just global future of shared water security.