From Geographical Intelligence to Major Head Injuries: the role of Oxford colleges during WW2

Kate Alderson-Smith, Amanda Ingram, Professor Ashley Jackson
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Kellogg College
Banbury Road
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The Hub

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Lectures and seminars
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Kellogg has the pleasure of welcoming Kate Alderson-Smith, Fellow Librarian, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, and Amanda Ingram, Archivist, St Hugh’s and Pembroke Colleges, Oxford, for a talk about the many different roles played by Oxford Colleges, particularly St Hugh’s and Harris Manchester colleges during World War Two.

The talk will be chaired by Kellogg Visiting Fellow Professor Ashley Jackson

Refreshments will be served from 2pm in the Kellogg Hub. Registration is required.

Bletchley Park Week

This event is part of Kellogg College's annual Bletchley Park Week programme of events celebrating a partnership between Oxford and Bletchley Park. This year’s theme is ‘Oxford, British universities, and the Second World War: Intelligence and Beyond’

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