Deep Maths - Machine Learning and Mathematics

Alex Davies, Andras Juhasz, Marc Lackenby, Geordie Williamson
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17:00 - 18:15
Mathematical Institute - Online Event
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Lectures and seminars
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Oxford Mathematics Public Lecture

Deep Maths - Machine Learning and Mathematics

In December 2021 mathematicians at Oxford and Sydney universities together with their collaborators at DeepMind announced that they had successfully used tools from machine learning to discover new patterns in mathematics. But what exactly had they done and what are its implications for the future of mathematics and mathematicians?

This online event will feature short talks from each of the four collaborators, explaining their work, followed by a panel discussion addressing its wider implications. If you wish to submit a question, please email

The speakers:

  • Alex Davies - DeepMind
  • Andras Juhasz - University of Oxford
  • Marc Lackenby - University of Oxford
  • Geordie Williamson - University of Sydney

The panel will be chaired by Jon Keating, Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy in Oxford.

This is an online only lecture which every one is free to watch:

The Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures are generously supported by XTX Markets.