Count Me In

Chris Parkin, Learning Producer
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14:00 - 16:00
History of Science Museum
Broad Street
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Top Gallery

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Not required

Ever wondered how you measure the height of a star?

Or maybe you fancy trying your hand with a Lightning Calculator?

Join us for an afternoon celebrating British Science Week 2023 with activities exploring numbers, calculation — and why maths matters in the real world.

  • The Measurers: get hands-on with objects and activities to unravel the mysteries of a painting
  • Digits, feet, inches and furlongs: discover how — and why — we measured things in the past
  • Take the abacus challenge: find out how this ingeniously simple counting instrument works
  • What are Napier's Bones?: how did they make it easier to calculate?

Can we count you in?

Look forward to seeing you there.

Free entry. No booking needed — just drop in and see us in the Top Gallery.

For families with children aged 7+