Climate Information

Dr Ellen Dyer & Dr Wilfried Pokam Mba
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18:00 - 19:00
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Parks Road
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Lectures and seminars
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Climate models are a powerful tool to enable communities and countries to adapt to change. Join Dr Ellen Dyer and Dr Wilfried Pokam Mba to discover how the models work. Learn how good data and sharing knowledge can improve global climate resilience.

Climate information is critical to planning for our collective futures in a changing climate. However, in a world brimming with technical climate information, some information being used for planning is not fit for purpose while in other cases persistent data gaps remain. Key to understanding why information should or shouldn’t be used, or how to fill in gaps in climate information, is to understand how this information is made and who is making it.

Climate models are complex tools based on physical theory and experimentation. They also require climate information as input to run. Gathering and creating climate information can be expensive tasks, which has influenced who creates and owns the information we are using to plan in a changing climate.

Ellen and Wilfried will introduce the theoretical and technical basics of climate modelling and some historical and political drivers of how climate information is produced today. The focus of this discussion will be African climate and how climate information can be used to foster more equitable climate resilience in the future as technical and modelling capabilities and the relationships that drive climate information production and use are changing.