Class within the Collection - Radical Hope

Jon Sleigh, Lance Millar
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17:30 - 19:00
Pitt Rivers Museum - Online Event
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Gallery tours / talks
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When we interrogate the Pitt Rivers collection for class narratives, what can we achieve? How can this uplift others or function as advocacy tools? Together we explore social democracy and how this can affect the museum sector. In a city / collection that speaks to class divide, can we hope to bring ideas and people together?

Oxford University, the city itself and by extension Pitt Rivers Museum are products of wealth and privilege. They arguably occupy a distinct profile in the UK as ‘elite’ – yet this is not reflective of the city occupants themselves, or the collection at Pitt Rivers.

Fascinating, emotive, and very human collections in the museum tell us a story of economic and class divide. They evidence inequality, and yet have the capability to function as shared cultural experiences. This session seeks to explore the topic with a panel of incredible speakers unlocking wider narratives on how each piece can advocate positively for communities.

Is class distinction valid as a topic today? Is this a UK centric conversation? What happens when we apply class narratives to interrogate museum identity today? Can we hope for unity in the class divides?