Bridging the divide between our oceans & society: Why should we care?

Professor Selina Stead, James Honeyborne, Dr Katrina Davis, Claire Moodie, Chair David Marshall
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16:00 - 17:30
Trinity College
Broad Street
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Lectures and seminars
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The oceans are a mystery, as foreign to us as outer space but crucially intertwined with all life on Earth, playing a pivotal role in climate regulation and food production.

Yet there has long been a divide between humans and the world beneath the sea surface — a chasm that is not merely physical, but emotional and psychological as well. This perceived distance between our existence and the oceans has made urgent policy decisions — such as the protection of ocean ecosystems and the regulation of fishing practices — less attainable, especially when the consequences are often unknown to the public.

How can members of the scientific community, along with policymakers and media professionals committed to exploring and understanding the importance of our oceans, help to bridge that gap in perception? To make the ocean deep as tangible as our gardens and forests?

Join us as we talk to scientists, policy-makers, and the media to ask why and how we can bridge the divide between our oceans and society to better care for our marine environments.

Grand Challenges Seminars 2023 | DTP in Environmental Research