Ben Okri: Stories for a Changing Planet

Ben Okri
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The Story Museum
42 Pembroke Street
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The poet, playwright, essayist, cultural activist and Booker Prize winner, Ben Okri has been described by Ali Smith as a 'literary and social visionary’.

At this event, he will read a new work, commissioned especially for the Everything is Connected season, inspired by the idea of sharing stories that will help us to live more sustainably in the world. Ben is joined by Professor Pablo Mukherjee.

'Humans have shown that they don’t simply produce literature to feel good about themselves, but also to face hard choices and to engage in collective action. After all, the ability to coordinate our minds through language was what first jump-started the accelerated cultural development that set us apart from the rest of life on earth. Now that same communicative tool must come to our aid in acts of collective storytelling. Is it time for the storytellers of the world to unite?' - Martin Puchner, Stories for a Changing Planet.