Digital Camp for Girls: Connecting for Good

Event date
Event time
9:00 - 16:00
Event cost
Park End Street
Information for visitors with disabilities

The event will also be available for students to attend online

Target audience
Parents, Students, Teachers
Age range
Age 14-15 (year 10), Age 15-16 (year 11), Age 16-17 (year 12), Age 17-18 (year 13)
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A one-day event for girls aged 14-19 yrs to connect with professionals and mentors to learn about opportunities in the world ahead, and to start building digital, sustainability, and leadership skills this summer.

This hybrid (in person and online) event is being held at Saïd Business School and kicks off an exciting programme of learning and an opportunity to build projects that help the planet.

This will be a special day of looking ahead, introspection, and personal development to help young people prepare for jobs of the future. They will learn about changes needed to create a more sustainable planet, and start building their vision for the world they want to see.

Digital Camp agenda

Workshops & Talks:

New Opportunities in Our Changing World.

New skills are required for jobs of the future—digital skills, sustainability skills. There’s a world of opportunities for all and especially women in our increasingly digital world. Learn about what’s ahead and how you can build the skills to become a leader for our future on this planet.

The Working Landscape.

Learn about how companies are organised, the different job roles at work and skills required, and career paths in business, government and academia.

Jobs People Love

Hear from professionals what they do in their jobs and why they love them. Whatever your talent-- whether Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths or connecting with people - you will hear their stories, careers paths, and advice on how to get started.

Life at Work & Overcoming Obstacles

Hear stories about today’s working world, experiences from what it’s like to be a minority at work, how to stand out, overcome challenges and play to your strengths.

Goal Setting & Mentoring

What is your goal for the coming year? What would you like to do or learn over the next 3 months? A mentor can help you when you ask the right questions. Get started mapping out what you want, then find support from a mentor.

Find Your Girl Power

Identify what's unique to you & who you want to become. Learn how to turn curiosity into passion and purpose, and turn work into play!

Future You

Identify what's unique to you & who you want to become. Start building your vision, create goals and outline steps to get there with coaching and mentors.

Build Your Digital Profile on LinkedIn

Your curriculum vitae (CV) and digital profile on LinkedIn is the way you will introduce yourself to the professional world.

Learn tips and tricks of what makes you stand out and how to prepare. You will start building your key skills and experiences and your mentor can offer feedback to present the best version of yourself.

Pitch Yourself

You will learn the importance of building your personal brand now, ways to do this online, and how to set up a LinkedIn page and live stream. You will develop a personal tagline and have an opportunity to pitch your story and win prizes!

Connect for Good Challenge

Calculate your personal carbon footprint and start working in teams to define your vision of the future.

*Workshops and activities may be subject to change.

There is also an opportunity to win prizes and a summer scholarship to a 1-week Digital Camp & Digital Incubator for Teens July 24th-28th, where they can discover and get hands on with cutting-edge tech and build projects that help the planet with support from professionals from Microsoft, Vodafone and more.

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