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The best of all possible apps sees Candide enter the 21st century

The best of all possible apps sees Candide enter the 21st century

An Oxford academic oversees the digitisation of René Pomeau’s definitive critical edition of Candide.

Discovering the rainforest ‘diversity police’

Discovering the rainforest ‘diversity police’

University of Oxford-led research reveals that fungi regulate diversity in rain forests.

Niger wetlands

How changes to inland waters impact regional climates

Oxford scientists have developed a computer model showing how different amounts of surface water can effect changes in regional climate.

Professor Tomo Suzuki

Revealing the hidden impact of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Research by an academic at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School explores the philosophy underpinning accounting standards – and has a major impact on India and Japan.

Dr Nic Cheeseman

Promoting democracy in Africa

Dr Nic Cheeseman, Hugh Price Fellow in African Politics, has advised the UK government and World Bank on free and fair elections in Kenya and Zambia.

Strategies to reduce animal disease in Africa

Strategies to reduce animal disease in Africa

Four years’ research among South African smallholders has resulted in an argument for attention to local practices in the treatment of livestock diseases.

Recreating an experience of ancient Egypt

Recreating an experience of ancient Egypt

Oxford’s Griffith Institute plays a key role in the creation of a facsimile of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Encouraging debate

Encouraging debate and better policy in Eastern Europe

Extensive field-work by an Oxford academic has helped disseminate knowledge and develop institutional capacity in a rapidly evolving and fluid part of the world.

Balancing conservation

Balancing conservation and commerce in the world’s forests

Research into forest ecology at the University of Oxford is helping to reconcile the competing pressures of biodiversity and economic development.

Anna Imburi

Saving the world’s threatened languages

Oxford linguists play a major role in preserving two Austronesian languages.