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St Benet's Hall
St Benet's Hall
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St Benet's Hall

Small and friendly, St Benet’s is the nearest equivalent today to the first halls of the University, with close daily contact between tutors and students. Originally founded for Benedictine monks, the vast majority of its students are now men and women of all faiths and none. Graduates and undergraduates form a joint student body of about 85, specialising in the humanities and social sciences.

Students at St Benet's Hall

Particularly homely, St Benet’s provides a strong sense of community within the hall and full engagement in University activities outside it. Tutors, students and monks all eat together at one common table and share one main common room. With no separate high table for tutors, the hall strives to create a relaxed, egalitarian atmosphere. The hall has its own drama club and rowing team, but students participate in
many other clubs and teams, having won historically more sporting Blues per head than any other college.

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St Benet’s is...

…being in a small cohort, which means plenty of individual and group support – I’m glad to be part of the Benet’s community.

…forging lasting friendships with fellow students from every year group – this diversity has really helped to challenge and stimulate how I approach my own studies.

…knowing practically everyone within a few weeks – and I was impressed by the support given by the hall.

…having tutors who can afford you a massive amount of time thanks to the small student-to-teacher ratio.

…a close-knit community that is friendly and yet full of diverse and interesting opinions.

College facilities

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College accommodation

St Benets Hall LibraryStudents studying in the library at St Benet's Hall.

  • All first years on site: YES
  • Usually offered for three years: NO
  • Usually offered for first year and one other year: YES
  • Usually offered for all years: NO
  • Some vacation storage for international students: YES


  • Dining hall: YES
  • Bar: NO
  • Café: NO


  • Gym on site: NO
  • Boathouse: YES
  • Library open 24/7: YES
  • Computer rooms/stations: YES
  • Wi-Fi throughout college: YES
  • Music room: YES
  • Theatre/performance space: NO
  • Chapel: YES
  • Multi-faith prayer room: NO

Clubs and societies

  • Music society: NO
  • Orchestra/s: NO
  • Choir/s: YES
  • Dramatic society: YES
  • College student magazine/paper: NO
  • Some subject societies: NO
  • Other societies: YES