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Graduate course guide

The following course guide will help you to narrow your focus to particular subjects and programmes, and find essential information about specific departments and faculties and the courses that are available.

You may also wish to read about our programmes for details regarding the length and structure of the different types of graduate programmes offered by the University.

Courses A-Z

A full list of graduate courses, ordered by title, is available in the Courses A-Z index.

Courses by division

The University of Oxford has four academic divisional groupings and one academic board.

Within each of the Divisions there are individual departments, faculties or other centres. The Oxford University Department for Continuing Education forms a fifth grouping and although not organised into separate faculties or departments, its Board and teachers have the same responsibilities as the Divisions.

Further information on each of the five Divisions is available via the pages below.

Humanities Humanities
MPLS Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Medical Sciences Medical Sciences

Social Sciences Social Sciences
Continuing Education Department for Continuing Education

Courses by department

The departments are colour coded by the Division to which they belong, and each page includes:

  • details of courses offered by the department
  • application instructions specific to each course
  • a link to the departmental website
  • contact details of academic and administrative staff who can assist you with any queries that you may have

Social Sciences Anthropology

Social Sciences Archaeological Science

Social Sciences Archaeology (Social Sciences)

Education Archaeology (Continuing Education)

Education Architectural History

Social Sciences Area Studies

MPLS Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems (EPSRC CDT)

Medical Sciences Biochemistry

MPLS Biomedical Imaging (EPSRC & MRC CDT)

Medical Sciences Cardiovascular Medicine

MPLS Chemistry

Humanities Classics

Medical Sciences Clinical Medicine

Medical Sciences Clinical Neurosciences 

Education Cognitive Therapy

MPLS Computer Science

Education Creative Writing

Social Sciences Criminology

MPLS Cyber Security (EPSRC CDT)

Social Sciences Development Studies

MPLS Diamond Science and Technology (EPSRC CDT)

Education Diplomatic Studies

MPLS Earth Sciences

Education Ecological Survey Techniques 

Social Sciences Economics

Social Sciences Education

MPLS Engineering Science

Humanities English Language and Literature

Education English Local History

MPLS Environmental Research (NERC DTP)

Education Evidence-Based Health Care

Medical Sciences Experimental Psychology

Education Experimental Therapeutics

Humanities Film Aesthetics

Humanities Fine Art

MPLS Gas Turbine Aerodynamics (EPSRC CDT)

Social Sciences Geography and the Environment

Education Health Research

MPLS Healthcare Innovation (RCUK CDT)

Education Historical Studies

Humanities History

Humanities History of Art

Education History of Design

MPLS Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (EPSRC CDT)

Education International Human Rights Law

Education International Wildlife Conservation Practice

MPLS Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)

Social Sciences Law

MPLS Life Sciences Interface (EPSRC CDT)

Humanities Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Education Literature and Arts

Social Sciences Management Studies

MPLS Materials

MPLS Mathematics

Medical Sciences Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

Humanities Modern Languages

Humanities Music

Education Nanotechnology

Medical Sciences Neuroscience

MPLS New and Sustainable Photovoltaics (EPSRC CDT)

Medical Sciences Obstetrics and Gynaecology

MPLS Oil and Gas (NERC CDT)

Medical Sciences Oncology 

Humanities Oriental Studies

Medical Sciences Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Social Sciences Oxford Internet Institute

Medical Sciences Paediatrics

Education Paediatric Infectious Diseases

MPLS Partial Differential Equations (EPSRC CDT)

Medical Sciences Pathology

Medical Sciences Pharmacology

Humanities Philosophy

MPLS Physics

Medical Sciences Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

MPLS Plant Sciences

Social Sciences Politics and International Relations

Medical Sciences Population Health

Medical Sciences Primary Health Care Sciences

Medical Sciences Psychiatry

Education Psychodynamic Studies

Social Sciences Public Policy 

Medical Sciences Radcliffe Department of Medicine

MPLS Renewable Energy Marine Systems (EPSRC CDT)

MPLS Science and Applications of Plastic Electronics (EPSRC CDT)

MPLS Science and Technology of Fusion Energy (EPSRC CDT)

Social Sciences Social Policy and Intervention

Social Sciences Socio-Legal Studies

Social Sciences Sociology

MPLS Software Engineering

MPLS Statistical Science (EPSRC & MRC CDT)

MPLS Statistics

Education Surgical Science and Practice

Medical Sciences Surgical Sciences

Education Sustainable Urban Development

MPLS Synthetic Biology (EPSRC & BBSRC CDT)

MPLS Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science (EPSRC & MRC CDT)

MPLS Systems Biology (EPSRC CDT)

Humanities Theology

Humanities Women's Studies

MPLS Zoology