US Department of Veterans Affairs funding | University of Oxford

US Department of Veterans Affairs funding

The University is able to process applications for US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) funding (also known as the GI Bill or Post 9/11 Bill) and can complete and submit certificates of enrolment to the VA. 

The University can certify enrolment for most courses which are matriculated, i.e. you are a full member of the University. Please note that solely distance or online learning courses are not eligible for VA funding at universities outside the US. 

How to apply

In order to apply for VA funding at Oxford you must first make an application directly to the VA. Please visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website and consult their information for foreign schools.

You must then contact the US loans team once you have done the following:

  • Made your application to the VA and received a response
  • Met the academic and financial conditions of your offer to study at Oxford

The US loans team will then complete the necessary certification of enrolment forms and submit these to the VA. When emailing, please include the name of your course as we will need to check if it is approved for VA funding. Please note, we may need to request course approval before we can certify your enrolment.

Please be aware that the University may be required to share your academic and financial school records with the VA and by asking us to confirm your enrolment you are consenting to this.

Receiving VA funding

It can take a long time to receive the funds and VA do not share their calculations with Oxford, therefore we cannot predict how much money you will receive. You should not rely on VA benefits to fund a course deposit, or fees and living expenses early on in your course.

You may consider using other funding, such as a US federal or private education loan to cover the financial declaration and expenses early on in your course, and then use the VA funding to repay the loan when it arrives.