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Microscope work
Microscope study in the laboratory
(Image Credit: Zachary Domach / Graduate Photography Competition)

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine (RDM) is a large multi-disciplinary department with research interests that span the translational spectrum, from basic biological research through to clinical application. 

The department offers one DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) degree, which is the University of Oxford equivalent to a PhD. The DPhil in Medical Sciences covers all areas of RDM research. In keeping with the department’s focus on translational research, applications are welcomed from both basic scientists and clinicians for this programme.

The department has a community of around 120 students, the vast majority of whom are studying for a DPhil. A DPhil typically lasts three to four years, depending on the project and the student. The department has considerable experience supervising clinicians who hold three-year fellowships and tailors research projects for such students accordingly. You will be admitted to work on a specified research project in a single laboratory, with close supervision from one or more of the RDM’s PIs and their team(s).


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