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Sheet music
Sheet music
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The University of Oxford Music Faculty is one of the largest and liveliest music departments in the UK, admitting around 30 new graduate students every year from countries all around the world.

As an internationally renowned centre of teaching and research in all aspects of music, it is an exciting and stimulating environment in which to work and study.

Graduate students have the benefit of a team of international experts to supervise their research, access to outstanding libraries, and the stimulus of a committed group of like-minded students and scholars in many subject areas.

Subject areas, approaches, and modes of study are very varied. Students may concentrate on Western music history (from chant to Maxwell Davies), source studies, music theory, aesthetics and criticism, composition and analysis, musical instruments, music psychology , ethnomusicology, musical performance and interpretation. Many individual research projects are unique in their blend of approaches; frequently they extend into other academic disciplines such as literature, art history, theatre studies, psychology, philosophy or general history.