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Oxford welcomes Scottish students

At the University of Oxford we have a long history of working with schools and students from across Scotland. In recent years we have made good progress in increasing the number of state educated students attending the University, but these students are not distributed evenly across the UK and we are keen to attract more Scottish students to study at Oxford.

Oxford for Scotland offers a new approach to improve how the University collaborates with schools and to encourage more students from Scotland to make successful applications to Oxford and other top UK universities. Oxford for Scotland is coordinated by the University’s Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach team and is supported by a number of Oxford colleges and departments.

This website sets out the support we offer to Scottish students, their teachers and families. If you are just beginning to think about Oxford, you might find our online resources a useful starting point. 

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And if you have any questions about our Scottish outreach, please contact Oxford for Scotland.


Dame Elish Angiolini QC is the Principal of St Hugh's College, Oxford and a Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford.   Dame Elish grew up in Govan, Glasgow and is keen to encourage more Scottish students to apply to Oxford.

"Choosing which university to apply to is a major decision for young people and I want to encourage more Scottish students to think about applying to Oxford. Our university has a lot to offer Scottish students and I think we need to try harder to get that message across.  That is why I support the Oxford for Scotland initiative. This will help direct students and teachers towards the guidance they need to make informed decisions - from how Scottish qualifications fit within Oxford course entry requirements through to information on fees and funding, as well as information on admissions and outreach support. I also hope you enjoy the advice provided by current Scottish undergraduates, they are our best advocates." 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Oxford for Scotland initiative.

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Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson is an academic in the Faculty of Classics. She comes from an ex-mining village in South Lanarkshire, 20 miles south of Glasgow. She sat Highers and Advanced Highers before coming to Oxford to read Classics at St. Hilda’s College. Arlene says, ‘I am fully supportive of the Oxford for Scotland initiative. Scottish students have so much to offer the university; from differing curricular experiences to cultural and linguistic richness. And in return, Oxford has much to offer Scottish students: world-class research and facilities, outstanding teaching and a truly international student body. Via Oxford for Scotland, I hope that Scottish students will feel supported to explore what student life in Oxford is really like.’