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HR Self-Service

HR Self-Service gives University employees access to view and update some personal details, see contract and pay information, and view payslips and P60s online.  If you have been designated as a Self-Service Manager, you can also see limited information about your team members.

HR Self-Service will roll out in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Tuesday 12 June – UAS, Humanities and Social Sciences  
  • Phase 2: Thursday 14 June – GLAM, MPLS and Continuing Education 
  • Phase 3: Monday 18 June – Medical Sciences

On the appropriate date, click on the login button on the right hand side of this page, and use your Single Sign-On to log in to the system.

What is Employee Self-Service?

Employee Self-Service gives you online access to personal and contractual information and pay documentation as outlined below.

Personal information

  • View the information held about you in the University’s HR Information System, e.g. name, title, right to work details
  • View and maintain your emergency contact details
  • View and maintain your personal contact details, including your home address
  • View and maintain your diversity details
  • View your bank details (soon you will also be able to update your bank details)

Contractual information

View current contractual and pay information e.g. contracted hours and salary for your current position as well as overall length of service.

Pay documentation

View payslips, dating back to May 2013, and P60s, dating back to the tax year 2014/2015.

What is Manager Self-Service?

If you are designated as a Self-Service Manager (as indicated by your faculty or department) you can see information about your direct reports including:

  • Basic personal details such as name, title and personal phone numbers for use in emergencies (but not diversity information)
  • Contractual details including job title, FTE, length of service, salary and allowances (but not payslips, P60s, or other tax/NI information)
  • Information about your team structure, e.g. who reports to whom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why am I being asked to log into another system?

There are a number of benefits of HR Self-Service, both to you as an employee and to the University as an organisation.
HR Self-Service enables you to view some of the information the University holds about you in its HR system and ensure that it is up-to-date. This includes both contractual details and personal information. You can directly update information such as your contact details, emergency contact and home address without having to send your query to the correct person in your department. If you have been designated as a Self-Service Manager, you can access everything in one place by easily switching between different dashboards to see the information you need.

What is Single Sign-On?

In most cases, University staff are issued with an Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) account, which gives you access to many web-based services at Oxford. Find out more information about SSO, including what to do if you have forgotten yours, here

Which staff groups have access to HR Self-Service? 

All staff who have been issued with a contract of employment with the University of Oxford have access to HR Self-Service. This does not include casual workers, visitors, agency staff or staff employed by one of the University's subsidiary companies.

Can I access HR Self-Service at home?

HR Self-Service is currently available via the University network only. However, you can access the system off-site using a VPN connection (please contact your local IT support for assistance). Following a system upgrade planned for mid-2019, HR Self-Service will be accessible from any location, on any device with an internet connection.

Can University employees based in colleges access HR Self-Service? 

HR Self-Service is accessible via the University network. This means that University staff based in colleges and departments using the centrally-provided internet resource (the network provision managed by IT Services, known as Odin), can access HR Self-Service. Non-University buildings that use internet provisions from other suppliers are required to use the IT Services VPN service to access the system. Please contact your local IT support for assistance.

I have limited/no access to a computer at work. How can I access my payslips and update my details?

Paper payslips will continue to be provided to all staff until HR Self-Service is made available outside of the University network (planned for mid-2019). During this time, if you don't have your own PC at work, you should continue to contact your local HR team/administrator with enquiries about your HR record, or to request updates to your details. In readiness for the withdrawal of paper payslips, departments will be asked to consider ways in which they can support staff who are unable to access HR Self-Service at work or at home to retrieve their online payslips.

Data and Privacy

Who else can see my data?

Your Self-Service Manager, who in most cases will be your line manager, can see data that is relevant to their role as your manager, such as that needed for budgeting purposes or to enable them to contact you or your chosen contact in the event of an emergency. Your Self-Service Manager cannot see your payslips, P60s, bank details or diversity details. The only other people who can access your data are staff within the HR and Payroll functions (centrally and within departments) who have been granted access according to strict criteria and authorisation procedures.
For general information about the data found in HR Self-Service and how it is used, please refer to the Data Guide accessible from the right-hand menu.

Who is my Self-Service Manager?

In most cases, your Self-Service Manager is your line manager. Self-Service Managers can use the system to view the following information about their immediate team:

  • Name
  • Personal and work contact details (home address, email address, phone number)
  • Emergency contact details
  • Contract and pay details (start date, FTE, contract status, grade, increment due date and salary history)
  • Other information including; right to work and HESA staff ID.

They cannot see your payslips, P60s, bank details or diversity details.

Your Self-Service Manager is listed in the Contract section of the My Profile area in Employee Self-Service. If you have not been assigned a Self-Service Manager this will be blank. If you have a question about your Self-Service Manager, please contact your local HR team/administrator.

How can I protect my online privacy? 

To protect your online privacy, always sign out once you have finished using HR Self-Service. To do so, click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of your screen, and click 'log out'. The next screen will remind you that you are still logged in to the University of Oxford Single Sign-On system. This means there is a small risk that another person on that computer could access your account without first logging in. For complete security you should always close down your web browser once you have finished working. Find out how here.

Payslips and P60s

Will I still get a paper payslip? 

Paper payslips will continue to be provided until HR Self-Service is made available outside of the University network (planned for mid-2019). At that stage paper payslips will no longer be issued.

Is there an option to continue receiving paper payslips next year?

In most circumstances, no. The University is aiming to save up to £31,000 and 25 trees per year by moving payslips online. However, if you do need a paper copy of your payslip, the system does allow you to print them.

Can I download and print my payslips and P60s? 

Yes, if required, you can download and, where necessary, print your payslips and P60s. Please check the 'How To' guide (accessible from the right-hand menu) for instructions on how to do this. Once access to Self-Service is available outside the University network (planned for 2019) paper payslips will no longer be provided to any staff who have access to a PC or mobile device. At this stage you will be advised to download and save your electronic payslips and P60s.

Are online payslips accepted as proof of income? 

Electronic or online payslips are becoming increasingly commonplace and are accepted by many banks and building societies. They are considered acceptable by HMRC provided they are made available on or before payday and show earnings before and after deductions, as well as the amount of any deductions that may vary (e.g. tax and NI). Your online payslips are fully compliant with these requirements and also show the University’s logo – an additional assurance that some financial services require.

What if I need a paper payslip for my visa application or another legal process? 

Paper payslips will continue to be provided to all staff until HR Self-Service is made available outside of the University network (planned for mid-2019). At this stage, you will be able to obtain a paper payslip in exceptional circumstances where a legal process requires it, for example specific visa or benefits application processes. However, please note that online payslips are accepted by most banks and building societies as proof of income.

Are there any changes to pensioners’ payslips? 

No, former employees who receive a pension from the OSPS scheme cannot access the system and will continue to receive paper payslips. There will also be no change to any arrangements for other pension schemes.

Introducing HR Self-Service at Oxford

Future HR Self-Service

Following an upgrade of the HR system, Self-Service will deliver:

  • Enhancements to the look and feel of the system
  • The end of printed payslips and P60s
  • Access to the system 24/7, at home, on the move, via any device

A further project will then provide online annual leave and sickness absence management.