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HR Self-Service

HR Self-Service will give University employees access to view and change some personal details, see your contract and pay information, and view your payslips and P60s online.  If you are a manager, you will also have access to limited information about your team members.

Once live, click on the login button on the right hand side of this page, and use your Single Sign-On to log in to the system.

What is Employee Self-Service?

Employee Self-Service will give you online access to personal and contractual information and pay documentation as outlined below.

Personal information

  • View the information held about you in the University’s HR Information System, e.g. name, title, right to work details
  • View and maintain emergency contact details
  • View and maintain contact details, including home address
  • View and maintain your diversity details
  • Update bank details

Contractual information

View current contractual and pay information e.g. contracted hours and salary for your current position as well as overall length of service.

Pay documentation

  • View payslips dating back to May 2013 (or your start date if more recent)
  • View P60s from April 2018 onwards

What is Manager Self-Service?

If you are designated as a line manager in the HR system (as indicated by your faculty or department) you will see information about your direct reports including:

  • Restricted personal details such as name, title and personal phone number for emergency contact (but not diversity information)
  • Contractual details including job title, FTE, length of service, salary and allowances (but not payslips)
  • Information about your team structure – who reports to who