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Brasenose College
Brasenose College

Brasenose College - test map

Brasenose is a friendly and diverse community, with a strong tradition of academic excellence. The college welcomes students from all backgrounds wishing to enjoy the best of what Oxford has to offer. Situated in the beautiful setting of Radcliffe Square, lying at the heart of the University and city, the college takes its name from an 800-year-old brass door knocker in the shape of a nose, now hanging in the main Hall.

The college is committed to admitting the best and brightest students, and also to creating an environment where individuals can flourish and realise their potential. It maintains a very high level of teaching provision, supported by excellent library and computing facilities, and (when needed) pastoral support. The college also offers grants to those wishing to stay during vacation, for course-related research and travel, and to aid those who encounter unexpected financial hardship.


Brasenose College is situated in the heart of the ancient University. It is the only undergraduate college on Radcliffe Square, adjacent to the main University libraries and the High Street. The main college buildings were built in the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries and some newer rooms date from the 1960s. Brasenose also has accommodation at the Frewin Hall complex, a five-minute walk from the main site and also in the very centre of Oxford.

Accommodation and meals

Brasenose is able to accommodate all undergraduates wanting college accommodation. First-years are housed together on the main site, second-year students normally live in the Frewin complex, and there is accommodation for later year students on both sites. There is a mixture of bed-sitting rooms and individual sets comprising a bedroom and study/living room, some of which are ensuite. The college has facilities for students with physical disabilities, and applicants with disabilities are encouraged to contact the college to discuss their needs. Brasenose enjoys a well-deserved reputation for excellent food. A full meal service is provided in hall, there is a snack bar on the main site and shared kitchens are available in the Frewin complex.

Read more on the college website.


Brasenose has three excellent libraries which members can access 24 hours a day. There are collections in all subject areas covered by the College and most of the books are available for loan. The Librarian attaches particular importance to buying books and making them available as quickly as possible in response to student requests. In addition to the undergraduate collections, Brasenose owns a collection of antiquarian books, some dating from the foundation of the college. Wireless and fixed internet access are provided in the library along with full printing and photocopying facilities.

Brasenose offers free membership to the University’s nearby gym and has its own sports ground within five minutes cycle ride of the college, where students can enjoy rugby, football and cricket amongst other sports. There is also a well-equipped boathouse on the river nearby. The college has music practice rooms, a large student common room with newspapers and television, a café, and a popular college bar.

Student societies

The college supports a wide range of student clubs and societies. It has a strong tradition in drama and music and there is an annual week-long summer arts festival in the hall, chapel and on the New Quad lawn. The college has an excellent choir and a range of lively social, cultural and sporting activities. All levels of sport are catered for and the college has a history of success in the University sports competitions.

Brasenose is a place where students can participate in all that the University has to offer. It is a community where students get to know and support each other and make life-long friends.

Academic staff


Dr Steven Johnson

Biological Sciences

Dr Owen Lewis*
Dr Ada Grabowska-Zhang


Dr Jeremy Robertson*
Dr Mark Wilson* 
Dr Vladimir Kuznetsov

Classics and Ancient History

Dr Llewelyn Morgan*
Dr Edward Bispham*
Professor Nicholas Purcell*
Dr Damian Robinson
Dr Jonathan Katz
Mr Daniele Miano


Dr Rui Esteves*
Dr Ferdinand Rauch* 
Ms Silvia Palano
Dr Richard Povey


Professor Ronald Daniel*
Dr Harvey Burd*
Professor Guy Houlsby* 
Dr Edmond Walsh*
Dr James Condliffe


Dr Sos Eltis*
Professor Simon Palfrey*
Dr Olivia Robinson
Dr Yasmine Shamma

Fine Art

Professor Maria Chevska*


Professor Richard Cooper*
Dr Carole Bourne-Taylor*
Dr Irene Salas
Ms Charlotte Arnautou


Dr Giles Wiggs*
Dr Julie Durcan
Dr James Palmer


Dr David Groiser*
Mr Ufuk Ozturk


Dr Abigail Green*
Dr Alan Strathern*
Dr Rowena Archer*
Dr Lesley Abrams 
Dr Simon John


Dr Marco Dorigatti


Mr William Swadling*
Professor Anne Davies*
Dr Thomas Krebs*
Professor Stefan Vogenauer*
Dr Maris Kopcke Tinture
Mr John Davies
Mr Jeffrey Hackney


Dr Chris McKenna*
Dr Eric Thun*


Dr Eamonn Gaffney*
Dr Konstantin Ardakov*
Dr Matthias Winkel


Dr Anne Edwards*
Professor William James*
Professor Paul Klenerman*
Dr Paul Dennis*
Professor Philip Goulder*
Dr Jeremy Taylor
Dr Chrystalina Antoniades


Professor Susan Wollenberg


Dr Dave Leal*
Dr Thomas Johansen*
Dr Christopher Timpson*
Dr Brian King


Professor Jonathan Jones*
Dr Robert Fender*
Dr Tony Harker
Dr Anthony Middleton


Dr Elias Dinas*
Mr Ian Carroll
Mr Tom Lubbock
Ms Carlotta Minella


Dr Claudia Pazos-Alonso


Dr David Popplewell*


Dr Polly Jones


Dr Dominic Moran

Student welfare


The Revd Graeme Richardson*


Dr Christopher Timpson*

Diversity and Equality Officer:

Dr Anne Edwards*

*Fellow of the college

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