Psychology (Experimental)

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This year as we are unable to welcome you to the department in Oxford, we have put together some video presentations to give you an idea of what the course is like. 

Course overview |  Admissions process | Student perspective

Course overview

Psychology is a sophisticated and diverse subject which employs an impressive range of research tools. The subject includes studies of the brain, the different ways that we perceive the world and the effects of social and cultural influences on people’s behaviour. Psychology includes subjects as diverse as social interaction, learning, child development, schizophrenia and information processing. Philosophy is concerned with a wide range of questions including ethics, knowledge and the nature of mind. Linguistics is the study of language in all its aspects, including the structure of languages, meaning (semantics), how children learn language, pronunciation, and how people understand, mentally represent and generate language.

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Introduction to Psychology and Overview EP/PPL

Linguistics as part of PPL (Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics)

The Admissions process for EP and PPL 

Here you can find a brief overview of the admissions process by Prof Demeyere, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, a video of tutors explaining the interview process and what they are looking for in interview as well as a run-through of a mock interview.

Student Perspective

Here you can find a compilation of six current students talking about their experience of the course.