Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

PPE was born of the conviction that study of the great modern works of economic, social, political and philosophical thought would have a transformative effect on students’ intellectual lives, and thereby on society at large. This conviction remains as firm today as it was then. As the world has evolved, so has PPE. The course brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the world around us, developing skills useful for a wide range of careers and activities.

Course and admissions | Meet the students

Course and admissions


Three PPE tutors provide an overview of the admissions process. They cover the TSA test, the UCAS application, interviews, and decisions.

Course structure

Three PPE tutors explain the course structure. They cover what you learn in the first year of PPE and the choices available in the second and third years.


Three PPE tutors explain the interview process and what tutors are looking for in each of the three subjects.

Meet the students

Hear from our students

Three PPE students describe what made them want to study PPE, and what studying the course has been like.