The practice of Medicine offers a breadth of experiences impossible to find in any other subject. Every day brings different patients with different needs. It’s a great choice for scientists who strive to understand and apply research findings to improve the lives of the patients in their care. It offers a meaningful career that is prestigious, secure and well paid. However, practising Medicine can be arduous, stressful, frustrating and bureaucratic and is not suited to everyone. You need to be sure that Medicine is the right choice for you. These pages will help you work that out, but there’s no better way to find out for sure than by gaining insight into medical practice by seeing it in action and talking to those who provide healthcare. Studying Medicine because that is what is expected of you is never a good idea; make sure that your motives for choosing to do so are well reasoned.

Admissions and course structure overview | Demonstration interview | Student experience

Admissions and course structure overview

Medicine at Oxford

Admissions for Medicine

First year Medicine tutorial

An introduction to the BMAT

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Demonstration interview

An authentic example of a remote admissions interview for Medicine, with college medical tutors asking questions previously used in real interviews.

Student experience

Inside views of the Medicine course from our own students.

Medical student Q&A

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Medical student Q&A 2

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A Day in the life of a Medicine Student

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