Geography is a diverse discipline that bridges the arts and social and natural sciences, providing a broad education that addresses pressing issues including environmental change, regional and global inequalities and the transformation of global economy and culture. Students obtain a coherent view of the rapidly-changing world and the ways in which society influences and is influenced by it. 

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Welcome to SoGE’s virtual open day! Take a look through our introductory material and discover more about the Geography course here at Oxford. 

Welcome and introduction

Greetings from the Head of School

Introduction to BA Geography at Oxford

Taster Lecture on Citizenship and Belonging

A Word from our Students

Listen to our students talk about their own experiences of Oxford Geography.

Student perspective: finding myself at Oxford Geography

Looking back: a word from our graduates

Career Prospects

Applying to Oxford

Need some more guidance regarding the application process? Then look no further! Find out more admissions, interviews and the admissions test. 

Admissions Overview

Applying to Oxford: a student perspective

What is the Oxford Geography interview really like?

Navigating the interview


These FAQs should help resolve any unanswered questions you may have about studying Geography here at Oxford, or even about the Oxford experience more widely. 

Can I Specialise During My Degree?

Are there opportunities for fieldwork?

Are there groups and societies I can join?

What is the workload like?