Computer Science

Computer science is about understanding computer systems and networks at a deep level. Computers and the programs they run are among the most complex products ever created; designing and using them effectively presents immense challenges. Facing these challenges is the aim of computer science as a practical discipline, and this leads to some fundamental questions. The theories that are now emerging to answer these kinds of questions can be immediately applied to design new computers, programs, networks and systems that are transforming science, business, culture and all other aspects of life.

Want to find out more about Computer Science and joint degrees? Watch the video content on these page.

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Computer Science and Joint Courses

Find out more about our Computer Science courses below. You can also take a tour of the Department of Computer Science with one of our students Mani.

Computer Science at Oxford

Maths and Computer Science

Department of Computer Science tour

Application and Interviews

Do you want to find out more about making an application to our Computer Science courses at Oxford and what our interviews are like? We have a video guide on how to make a strong application, commonly asked interview questions answered by one of our tutors Professor Stefan Kiefer, as well as mock interviews with two of our current students.

Oxford Maths also have a MAT Advice video that prospective students may find useful to prepare for the Mathematics Admissions Test.

Interviews at Oxford

Making a Competitive Application

Computer Science Mock Interview

Philosophy Mock Interview

Sample Lectures

We have three taster lectures from our academics and tutors at the Department of Computer Science.

We have a taster lecture by Professor Peter Millican, Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College, on the links between Computer Science and Philosophy. If you would like to learn more about Philosophy, you may also wish to look at a video by one of our current students titled ‘what is philosophy?’

We also have a taster lecture, by Professor Gavin Lowe, Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science at St Catherine's College. Professor Lowe looks at how to solve various different types of puzzles using the same idea: graph search algorithms.

Lastly we have a taster lecture from our current Head of Department, Michael Wooldridge, this talk is titled ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma'.

Computer Science and Philosophy Sample Lecture

Solving Puzzles via Graph Search

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Second year group projects

Students undertaking undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Computer Science & Philosophy and Maths & Computer Science undertake a Group Design Practical as a compulsory part of the course. You can see a video about the second year projects here.

You can see examples of this years’ second year group projects available below. 


AI Racing Market

Database structure


Microbit Editor

Earth Trust Tree Simulator

Student Life

We have three talks from students about life as a Computer Science student.




Student Talks

We have some of our students giving short talks on some topics of Computer Science. Current Maths and Computer Science student Kevin introduces you to the idea of lazy evaluation. This is covered in the Functional Programming course taken by all of our first year undergraduates in Computer Science and joint degrees which include Computer Science. Current Computer Science student Adam gives you a tour of Functional Programming, a topic introduced in the first year of our undergraduate degrees. Current Computer Science and Philosophy student Dylan introduces you to Turing machines.



Turing Machines


We have a Maths and Computer Science alumna who has some information on her life after graduating from Oxford, as well as some advice for prospective students.

A Message from our Alumna

Previous Livestreams

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