Welcome to Chemistry at Oxford!

We are sorry we cannot welcome you in person to the department at the moment, but we hope you will find the video material on this page inspirational and useful.

What is Chemistry? | Teaching and the Course | Admissions | Student Life

What is Chemistry?

An introduction to the research in the Chemistry Department and where Chemistry can take you after your degree.

Teaching and the Course

Find out more about the structure of our course, our award-winning laboratory programme and facilities and have a taste of our undergraduate lectures.

Course Structure

This video outlines the ethos and structure of the Oxford Chemistry course, explaining how it differs from other courses.

Laboratory Tour

In 2018 we opened a brand new, state of the art teaching lab with around £6M of new equipment, along with a completely novel way of teaching practical chemistry to make the most of this fantastic facility. Find out more in our laboratory tour.

Lecture Tasters

We have chosen some excerpts from our undergraduate lectures, given during the lockdown, that specifically relate to topics you may know about from your own studies.


Admissions Video

This video describes the most recent admissions statistics, and explains what we are looking for in your application and admissions interviews.

Student Life

Find out what our students think about studying Chemistry at Oxford and their advice for prospective students.

What our students think

We asked our students to film themselves during the lockdown, answering questions about the course. This is what they said about it.