Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical science is an exciting and rapidly-moving subject area, highly relevant to major issues facing society today. The University of Oxford is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for biomedical research and teaching, and studying here will give you a firm foundation for your future.

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Course structure | Admissions selection process | Meet our students

Course structure

This course provides students with an intellectually stimulating education in modern molecular, cellular and systems biology and neuroscience. 

Admissions selection process

We base our short-listing decisions on academic record (GCSE performance) and BMAT score. When reaching our decisions, we are careful to take note of any relevant information such as disrupted education or illness that might have disadvantaged an applicant.

Please note that the disruption to GCSE examinations in the summer of 2020 may necessitate modification to the shortlisting algorithm normally applied.

Meet our students

Ailsa is a third year student, see what she has to say…