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Welcome to Queen’s! Find out more about what life is like at our lovely College by watching our videos and hearing from our fantastic students and tutors. 

Welcome to Queen's | Meet our Students | Meet our Tutors

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Welcome to Queen's

Welcome to The Queen’s College! Join us for a virtual tour of our beautiful main site and find out more about the people, places and traditions that make Queen’s such a fun and vibrant community to be a part of.

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Words to know before coming to Oxford University

25 Questions with the Queen's College Provost

Meet our Students

Hear from our some of our undergraduate students about what they love most about being a student at Queen’s!

Meet Charlotte


Meet Hamish


Meet Jess

Materials Science

Meet Kyla


Meet our Tutors

What are our Tutors looking for in prospective applicants? And what do they love most about teaching at Queen’s? Check out these videos to find out!

Hear from Chris Norbury


Hear from Lindsay Turnbull


Hear from Rebecca Beasley


Hear from Jenny Guest


Hear from Owen Rees


Hear from Laura Lonsdale