Our team

The support service is run by a team of ten highly trained specialist advisors and an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) who work solely with survivors. We have female, male and non-binary advisors, and members of the team who identify as BAME and LGBTQ+. We will do our best to ensure that you can see someone you feel comfortable talking to.

Meet the team:

Caroline - Caroline works in the Equality and Diversity Unit and coordinates the Harassment Advisory Service.   

Daisy - Daisy is an equality, diversity and inclusion practitioner; and is a former civil rights lawyer, and career counsellor.

Mia - Mia works in student welfare and is a former nurse and midwife.  

Vivian - Vivian is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) with a background in Psychology and the Sociology of Education. Vivian works within Student Registry and is also a member of the Harassment Advisory Service for staff.

Pete - Pete heads up the Support Service and works within student welfare. His background is in youth and community work, and social care.

Hannah - Hannah is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner as well as being an LGBT+ Role Model and a Harassment Advisor. Hannah is also Non-binary, Disabled and Autistic.

Aym (they/them) - Aym is a Communications Officer, with experience supporting LGBTQ+ communities and coordinating workplace mental health support schemes.

Charlotte - Charlotte works in a department in Academic Administration and is a Mental Health First Aider and Harassment Advisor. 

Amelia (she/her) - Amelia is the Specialist Caseworker for the support service, with a background in domestic abuse and student mental health.

Morgan- Morgan is the Service’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), seconded from OSARCC, and specialises in all aspects of the criminal justice process.

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