Stressed student who need welfare support
Stressed student who need welfare support

Welfare advice: Coronavirus

The University Counselling Service has produced a series of blogs and podcasts to support students created during the coronavirus pandemic.


Your digital life during lockdown

A podcast to help students consider how best to use digital devices during the COVID-19 lockdown, produced by Ulrik Lyngs from the Department of Computer Science and Maureen Freed from the University Counselling Service. A blog on digital distractions can be found below. 

In this podcast, Femke Stokes from the University Counselling Service talks about how journaling can help you to improve your mental health and wellbeing. 

Advice and support for finalists
This podcast for finalists during the pandemic provides valuable advice about managing your wellbeing and what you can do to help you prepare mentally and physically for your exams.


Managing different attitudes to COVID precautions

You may find it frustrating that those around you have different ideas about COVID-19 precautions than you do. This new blog explores how you can navigate these differences, whichever view you take.

Life in a bubble

Being in a bubble can bring many benefits, but there are also likely to be significant challenges. The Life in a bubble blog explores how to navigate through such difficulties and offers some thoughts on making the most of bubble experiences.

Life in one room

Student bedrooms may be somewhere students might be spending significantly more time in than previously planned. The Life in one room blog explores how to make the most of your personal space to make it work for you.

Self care in self isolation

For some, self-isolation may present significant practical and psychological challenges. The self care in self isolation blog offers some thoughts to support students who need to self isolate. 

Transitions occur during key life stages and can cause us to experience a range of feelings, especially throughout the unpredictable and unprecedented times of the pandemic.

Virtual support 
Exploring how virtual and remote support is more vital than ever during the unprecedented and unpredictable time of COVID-19 to connect and support each other

Locked down, not locked in 
Advice on ways we can avoid feeling overwhelmed during lockdowns. 

Your digital life during lockdown
The pandemic has changed the way many students are using digital devices. Some now report spending two or three times as much time on laptops and phones as before. This blog explores whether this is okay, or a problem.

Importance of compassion and gratitude in times of crisis and beyond
Exploring the importance of compassion and gratitude in times of crisis and beyond.

LGBT+ at home
Advice for LGBT+ students, on being at home with family who struggle to accept your identity. 

Facing loss in the class of 2020
In what culminated in a rapid response to Covid-19, universities moved classes and exams online, bringing life as students knew it to a sudden halt. In this blog we explore facing loss in your academic life.

Why write in a journal?
In this blog we discuss the benefits of journaling, particularly in these trying times.

A story about positive mindset
Advice on keeping a positive mindset during open books exams. 

Making the most of online counselling
The Counselling Service has helped many students adapt to the coronavirus situation: to help get their bearings, cope with difficult living situations and/or family contexts, and to feel and function better. Find out how you can make the most of online counselling

Being an adult at home
You may have noticed that when you go home you have a tendency to regress - to become a younger, less mature version of yourself. If so, you aren’t alone. Read our advice on being an adult at home

Can't work?
Many students have described how hard it can be to concentrate on academic work. In the "can't work?" blog we outline some strategies and ways of thinking about work that may help you on your way to productivity.

Normalising your emotions during this time
During pandemics it’s common to experience a raft of emotions, from shock, anger, loss, grief, relief or numbness. There are no right or wrong feelings to have, and we can help you normalise your emotions.

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