Student Clubs and Societies

Student clubs, societies and publications are essential part of student life. The University welcomes the contributions of student clubs and aims to promote a lively, creative and inclusive range of activities by providing support, resources and guidance for committees to manage their clubs effectively. To become one of the University affiliated student clubs you will need to register with the Proctors. Conditions for new applications and for maintaining registration are set out in the Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members

  • Registration of sport clubs is via the Sports Federation, under the oversight of the Director of Sport.
  • Registration of non-sport clubs, societies and publications is via the Clubs Office.

Registered Clubs can benefit from:

  • Use of the University’s name and coat of arms (subject to separate permission)
  • Being listed on the Register of Student Clubs on the University website
  • Access to University IT facilities and support, including use of Oxford University email and website
  • Insurance cover
  • Vehicle hire through the Transport Scheme
  • Financial support
  • Access to practical guidance and resources
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