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Oxford Travel Award Bursary header

Oxford Travel Abroad Bursary


The Oxford Travel Abroad Bursary supports both undergraduate and postgraduate Oxford students to travel to a foreign country for any academic activity which will enhance their current programme of study.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Study exchanges;
  • Research and field trips;
  • Conference speaking engagements;
  • Skills development courses;
  • Summer schools.

Award details


Flexible depending on project.

The proposed activity must take place between 1 October 2021 and 30 September 2022


Up to £1,250 per year


A minimum of 12 awards are available across the 2021/22 academic year



All nationalities

Fee status:

All fee statuses

Level of study:

All Matriculated Students

Year of study:

All years


All subjects


All colleges

Other information

Applicants should demonstrate in their supporting statement how the award would benefit them and how the activity they intend to undertake will make a difference to their studies.

The panel will seek to make awards across a range of subjects and activities.

Priority will be given to applicants who haven't received a travel award in the past, however previous awardees who were not able to travel due to COVID-19 will not be disadvantaged. 

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for an Oxford Travel Abroad Bursary for travel outside of the specified dates?

Awards will only be made for travel within the specified dates for each application round.

What type of expenses can the Oxford Travel Abroad Bursary cover?

Awards made can cover most travel related expenses such as accommodation, transport and visa costs. Long-term subsistence costs may not be covered if students are living in a country for several weeks where they would incur similar day-to-day living expenses while studying in Oxford.

Can I apply for an Oxford Travel Abroad Bursary for travel I plan to undertake once I have submitted my thesis / completed my final exam?

Applications cannot be considered for students applying for travel taking place after their submission/final exams.

Can I apply for an Oxford Travel Abroad Bursary if I have previously received an award?

Students are able to apply for an award even if they have previously received a travel award through Oxford such as the Santander Academic Travel Award. However, you should note that we receive a high number of applications and the selection panel may therefore take past participation into account when considering applications.

Can I submit an application for travel that is not related to my current programme of study?

Applications will only be considered where a student is applying for the costs of activities outside of the UK related to their current programme of study.

Can I submit an application for travel that is inside the UK?

All travel must take place outside of the United Kingdom.

Can my referee be external to Oxford?

A referee should be somebody at the University of Oxford, for example your supervisor or tutor, who can comment on the relevance of the proposed activity abroad to your course.

What should be included in my reference?

There are no specific requirements as to what should be written by a referee. However, they should include any information they consider relevant, for example how the travel will benefit your studies, why you would be a suitable candidate to receive an award, and any relevant academic achievements.

How will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

Candidates will be contacted with the outcome of their application via email.

How will I receive the award if I am successful?

Awards will be disbursed once all the relevant documents have been received. Full details of the terms and conditions will be sent to awardees in the award letter, and proof of expenditure must be provided to support the level of funding disbursed.   

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