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Language Centre

If you would like help to improve your skills in academic English, or experience difficulties adapting to the requirements of Western academic culture, there are a number of resources which can help.

On-course support

If you experience difficulties do not delay seeking out sources of support and guidance. You should approach your course director or supervisor to discuss your needs. Develop your academic writing skills through practice and ask for detailed feedback on your work. Ensure that you follow scrupulously the source use and referencing conventions of your discipline, even if they vary from those you have used before.

The Language Centre

There are resources available at the Language Centre for students whose first language is not English. Students who are non-native speakers of English are entitled to take courses in English for Academic Studies. Courses in Academic Writing and Advanced Communication Skills are also available.

There are also more intensive courses available, including the Pre-Sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes. This is either a four or eight week course open to students embarking on study at any English-speaking university. There are resources for independent study in the Language Centre library and online English teaching tools.