University’s financial position

This website provides information about the University's target of a 5% surplus and the five measures being taken to achieve that target by 2018/19.

The University needs to generate a 5% operating surplus each year in order to ensure our buildings, equipment and IT infrastructure remain fit for purpose. Healthy finances are required to support our academic endeavour and ensure that we remain competitive.

However, a combination of upward pressure on our costs and downward pressure on some areas of our income means that our surplus is declining and, at 3%, is less than we need to achieve.

Five measures are being implemented to improve the University’s financial position and help us achieve a 5% surplus by 2018/19:

  1. New endowment to support existing activity
  2. Full recovery of research overheads
  3. Headcount control
  4. Review of capital projects
  5. Purchasing improvements

You can find out more about the five main cost pressures facing the University and the five key measures being introduced to help us achieve a 5% surplus on the Q&As page (single sign-on required).

A series of open meetings were held in October and November with Professor William James, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources), and Giles Kerr, Director of Finance. To view the presentation slides, visit the open meetings page (single sign-on required).