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Publications & newsletters

The following is a list of publications and newsletters for staff at Oxford. 

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AAD News Alert

  • A fortnightly e-bulletin from the Academic Administration Division, which provides updates about projects, events and deadlines in student administration and services.

Annual Review

  • The University's Annual Review contains articles on research and developments at Oxford as well as appointments, benefactions and the year's financial statements. It is published at the start of Hilary term.


  • Blueprint is the University staff magazine. Produced by Public Affairs, it is published twice a term and carries a mix of news and features. 
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Bodleian Libraries Update

  • A termly bulletin from Bodley's Librarian about new services and changes taking place at the Libraries.

Daily News Alert

  • A daily digest of local, national and international news relating to the collegiate University. Produced by the News & Information Office, it is available on subscription by email. To subscribe, email

Equality and Diversity

Estates Services News

  • A termly e-bulletin aimed at departmental administrators, facilities managers and building managers.

Finance Bulletin

  • A monthly e-bulletin providing financial information for departments. It is sent to departmental administrators and finance officers.

Financial Statements

  • The Financial Statements are produced annually in January. They consolidate the accounts of the University and its subsidiary companies and associated bodies.


  • The Gazette is the authorised journal of record of the collegiate University. Produced by Public Affairs, it is published weekly from September to July (with brief breaks in the Christmas and Easter vacations).
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HRIS Bulletin

  • A monthly e-bulletin providing users of the University’s HR Information System (CoreHR) with essential guidance and information.

IT Services

  • News from IT Services is a termly e-newsletter, providing updates on major projects, service developments and forthcoming events.


  • A fortnightly newsletter for library staff (Note: this is access restricted).

Oxford Women's Network (OWN) newsletter

Oxford Magazine

  • The Oxford Magazine (available through single sign-on) is not an official publication of the University but an independent magazine edited by members of the University and published by the Delegates of Oxford University Press. It is published four times per term (Noughth, Second, Fifth and Eighth Weeks). For further information, contact
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Oxford Today

  • Oxford Today is the University's alumni magazine. It covers all aspects of life at Oxford, from research to sporting events. The print magazine appears in October and April, while an online update is published monthly. Manage my subscriptions

Race Equality Network (REN) newsletter

  • A fortnightly email about events around the University and city, as well as news about race equality issues.

Research Support

  • Research Accounts Bulletin is a periodic e-newsletter about post-award issues, such as funder news, policy and process changes.
  • Research Services News is a regular news bulletin about issues and events relating to research funding and administration.

Student Systems bulletin

  • An online bulletin containing updates on timescales, activity, user testing and training related to the Student Systems Programme.

University of Oxford Calendar

  • An annual compendium of information about departments, colleges, committees and University Officers. It includes lists of the recipients of honorary degrees for the past ten years, and degree results for the immediately preceding year. Published by OUP, it can be purchased in local bookshops.
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