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Oxford and the EU: information for staff

The University recognises there has been a great deal of uncertainty following the UK vote to leave the EU and wants to reassure international staff that their contributions to research, teaching and administration have never been more welcome and important. We firmly believe that Oxford benefits enormously from the free movement of people within the EU, and the University will continue to make the strong case to the government that this remains vital for UK universities.

The University has established two high-level working groups to consider the issues arising from the EU referendum result:

  1. A group chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, comprising the Heads of Division, Pro-Vice-Chancellors and representatives from the Conference of Colleges, to determine and oversee the University’s response to the implications of the EU referendum result.
  2. The Brexit Impact Group, chaired by the Registrar and comprising members from Research Services, HR, Public Affairs, Planning and Resource Allocation, International Strategy and Student Services, which monitors the operational impact of Brexit on the University in terms of teaching and research and which coordinates lobbying on the issues.
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