Pivot: new BME mentoring scheme

The Equality and Diversity Unit, in collaboration with the BME Staff Network, has launched Pivot, a new mentoring scheme for any member of staff at the University who identifies as Black and Minority Ethnic (BME).

The key principles of Pivot are that:
•    mentoring conversations are private and confidential
•    the mentor is outside of the mentee's direct line management chain or area of work
•    participation is on a voluntary basis

As people have different reasons for choosing to have a mentor, there are two different pathways for people to choose from:

Pathway A: mentoring circles is for staff at any grade. Participants will join a group of three or four other mentees with a BME mentor to network with colleagues, get support to consider personal and professional development or to use the group as a sounding-board to discuss work-related issues or challenges.

Pathway B: career progression is aimed at staff on Grade 6 or above. Participants will be supported in their career development goals and plans by a more senior mentor (who may or may not be BME).

All mentees will also be invited to sign up for workshops complementing the mentoring schemes. Exact topics will be based on feedback from the scheme’s participants, but themes will include leadership, management, networking and other personal development skills.

Find out more about Pivot on the Equality and Diversity website.

Image: Shutterstock