The stories of successful crowd fundraisers

OxFund Talk
Alexandra Abrahams, Andrew Cunningham, Elliot Falvert-Martin, Rachael Owhin
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19:00 - 20:00
Saïd Business School
Park End Street
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Lectures and seminars
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The panel will share their fundraising experience with the audience. The main topic of the discussion will be how they managed to raise substantial amount of money in their campaigns. Answers will touch on topics such as how they publicised the campaigns and engaged with potential donors.


  • Alexandra Abrahams, the Captain of Somerville Women’s Boat Club. In the Smash and Dominate: The Women’s Boat Club Challenge on Hubbub, Somerville Women’s Boat Club successfully raised £8,300.
  • Andrew Cunningham, the Co-Founder of an all girls' secondary boarding school ( in Kenya, UNICEF Education Consultant and D.Phil student at Department of Education. Working with WISER in using Facebook to raise funds and awareness, Andy launched a 100 day campaign to raise $25,000 and ended up raising $67,000 last year. In last month, Andy had a 48 hour challenge to raise $5,000 and ended up raising $26,000.
  • Elliot Falvert-Martin, the Alumni and Database Officer at Wolfson College. In his successful campaign – Tibetan and Himalayan Studies: research and preservation on Hubhub, Elliot helped the Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Centre at Wolfson College raised £50,800 to establish a post-doctoral Research Fellowship.
  • Rachael Owhin, MSc student in Migration Studies. In the #OXFORD10000 £10,000 in 10 days! campaign on Hubbub, Rachael successfully raised £10,926 to cover the tuition and college fees for her MSc course. Her campaign was reported by Daily Mail and Evening Standard and she was interviewed by various BBC stations, such as BBC Oxford, BBC Bristol, BBC Northampton, BBC Leicester and BBC Derby.