The role of eHealth in chronic disease management in low- and middle-income countries

Dr Hamish Fraser
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17:00 - 18:00
Mawby Room
Balfour Building, Kellogg College
Banbury Road
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Lectures and seminars
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The burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide. It has been estimated by the World Health Organization that, in 2001, chronic diseases contributed approximately 60% of the 56.5 million total reported deaths in the world and approximately 46% of the global burden of disease. Moreover, the proportion of the burden of non-communicable diseases is expected to increase up to 57% by 2020. Approximately 50% of the total chronic disease deaths are attributable to cardiovascular diseases, with obesity and diabetes occurring earlier in life.

Improving quality of care for chronic diseases requires an effective longitudinal medical record that can be used to track patient statuses. Focusing on the empowering application of electronic medical records and other eHealth/mHealth systems to manage healthcare, Dr Fraser will discuss the potential strategies for managing chronic diseases in the LMICs. He will draw examples for over 10 years experience leading the development of open source web-based medical record systems including OpenMRS, along with data analysis tools, and pharmacy systems to support the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV in Peru, Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi and the Philippines.