Examinations and gender gaps: experiences from Oxford and beyond

Jo-Anne Baird, Janet Dyson, Margaret Stevens, Sara Smith, Anna Bradshaw
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14:30 - 17:30
Lecture Theatre
Manor Road Building
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Lectures and seminars
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This workshop organised by the Oxford Q-Step Centre (OQC) brings together key speakers from Oxford and beyond to discuss gender differences in examinations in the context of courses that include quantitative methods. Both undergraduate degrees in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, as well as History and Politics have a gender discrepancy in finals results. However, the reasons for these differences are not well understood. Could they be due to entry requirements, a lack of course work, biased ways of examining or possibly a greater emphasis on quantitative methods?

We will attempt to address these questions through two panel sessions: the first will focus on best practice for examinations and ways to combat any gender gaps; the second panel will be a discussion of experiences from Oxford. The event will be chaired by Catherine De Vries Professor of European Politics and Director of the Oxford Q-Step Methods Centre.

The Oxford Q-Step Methods Centre was set up last year with funding from the Nuffield Foundation, ESRC and HEFCE, in order to provide enhanced training for all PPE and History and Politics undergraduates in quantitative methods, through a series of lectures and data labs.