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Principal Investigations - A blog for PIs

Principal Investigations is a blog for anyone holding their own grant at the University. It will cover a range of topics whatever the nature of your role as PI, from things to think about when leading a large research group, to what to do if one of your staff is going on maternity leave, to how to navigate various budgeting issues.

We welcome your perspective and encourage you to contribute to the blog to share your ideas and experience of any aspect of the principal investigator role. Is there anything you wish you’d known when you first got your grant that others might find useful? Have you just grappled with an issue and can signpost others in the right direction? Please send any contributions to

Should you be a mentor to your staff?


Mentoring has become a hot topic across the University, with more and more departments wanting either to start schemes or to revise existing schemes.

Leading a productive research group

Leading a productive research group

Many factors affect how productive a research team is, from organisational factors such as the level of internal support to deal with potentially distracting bureaucracy, to external factors such as the flexibility of your grant,to personal factors such as your commitment and drive.

What is 'development'?

What is development?

Research staff development is a hot topic. You’ve probably come across some of the various initiatives available.

The Researcher Development Framework: Sow’s ear or silk purse?

The Researcher Development Framework

Vitae was set up by the government and research councils to be the central national body for supporting and prompting the development and enhancement of researcher careers.

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